Secreto Backless Bodysuit

$39.99 $119.99

Bust Size

S(32) 32C, 36A/34B
M(34) 34C. 38A.36B
L(36) 38B.36C.36D
XL(38) 38C. 40B.38D.40C.36D

2XL   42B.42C.40D.38D

Unleash your inner goddess with Secreto Backless Bodysuit! This outstanding bodysuit offers a comfortable and slimming fit, with high-elastic super soft fabric that's breathable and keeps you cool all day. Secreto Backless Bodysuit highlights your neck, while the padded bra design accentuates your cleavage for a natural shape. Upgrade your wardrobe today and feel your best!

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